How To Register For PNB Mobile Banking | Apply For PNB Netbanking

If You Wants To Register For PNB Mobile Banking And Internet Banking You Need To Be Have Some Information Before You Apply For Punjab National Bank (PNB) Internet Banking/Mobile Banking.

You Can Easily Register/Activate PNB Mobile Banking/Internet Banking Online Without Visiting Branch Here’s The Full Information About It We Have So Easy Steps For You If You Will Follow The Steps Then You Can Apply For It Easily Without Visiting Branch.

What Is The Eligibility ?

Before You Apply For It You Need To Be Know Who Can Apply For It And What Is The Requirements For Register PNB Mobile Banking/Internet Banking.

That Service Is Only Available For Self Operated savings account or current account.

Not Applied Before

Make Sure You Haven’t Applied For It before or you haven’t already had a registered for it if you have already registered for it then you can’t apply for it.

In any case, if you forgot your login Password You Can Reset Your Login Password Easily by using the PNB One application or you can also use the Official Website Of Punjab National Bank from there you can easily reset your PNB Log in password.

Mobile Number Must Be Linked

You Need To Have Registered Your Mobile Number With Your Bank Account Because When You Will Apply For It That’s Will Ask For OTP (One Time Password) If You Haven’t Registered Your Mobile Number In Your Bank Account You Will Not Get The OTP (One Time Password).

You Need To Have Activated SMS Alerts On In Your Bank Account If You Don’t Have Activated SMS Alerts Then Activate It First Or Register Your Mobile Number First.

You Can Register Or Change Your Mobile Number By Visiting Your Nearest Branch You Can Not Register Or Change Mobile Number Without Visiting Branch. that’s a Very week point of Punjab National Bank.

Make Sure You Have A SIM Cards Which Number Is Registered For It. if you haven’t then you will not receive OTP and also your incoming services in on in your SIM Card.

Debit Card And ATM Pin

Before Register/Activate PNB Mobile Banking/Internet Banking You Need To Have An Active Punjab National Bank Debit Card Cum ATM Card.

If You haven’t debit card then you can’t apply for it because it will ask for your card number and Expiry date if you have not ATM then how you Will Enter ATM information so need to have an ATM card before you apply.

You Also Need your ATM PIN in this application that’s will ask for ATM Verification and ask for card details like CVV Card Number Expiry Date PIN And PIN.

So That’s Are All The Requirements Fo Register/Activate For PNB Mobile Banking/Internet Banking Online Without Visiting Branch.

If You Have All The Requirements For Register/Activate PNB Netbanking/Mobile Banking Then Follow The Steps To Apply For It Without Visiting Branch.

Step- 1: Download PNB One Application

In This Article, We Will Tell You How You Can Register Or Activate PNB Internet Banking Or Mobile Banking By Using PNB One Application.

We Will Use PNB One Application In This Article Because That’s So Easy To Apply You Can Easily Register or Activate For PNB Mobile Banking Or Internet Banking By Using PNB One Application.

This Application Have So Many other Features Like Generate Debit Card PIN And Apply For New Debit Card, Bank statement Block ATM Request For Check Book Etc.

Step-2: Click On New User?

After Downloading PNB One Application Just Click On New User? To continue for Register or Activate For PNB Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.

By Clicking This Button You It Will Shows For What Is eligibility and who can apply for it. After the read, all the information just click on the continue button to go for the next steps.

Step-3: Enter Your Account Number

Simply You have to enter your account number in this field if you don’t remember your account number then you can find your account number from your PNB Bank Account passbook.

You Can Also Find Your Account Number in Your Bank Account statement or you can visit your branch to get the account number. Just type your Full Account Number In This Field To Go For Next Steps.

Step- 4: Select Registration Chanel

In This Field, You Have To Be select which facilitates you wants to use here are the 2 facilities for PNB you can activate only Mobile Banking Services Or Mobile Banking And Internet Banking Services.

If You Will Chose The First One then you can’t use internet banking by selecting mobile on banking services you can use it in Only mobile app, not on the official website of PNB.

I Specially Recommend You To Choose Mobile Banking And Internet Banking Both Services To Get Access For Both.

Step-5: Choose Mode Of Operation

In This Field, You Have To Be select mode of operation there are two modes of operation available for PNB Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

View Only

In this facility, you can only see the account information and bank statements or bank balance you can get a bank account summary for your account and other things.

you can’t make any payment or transaction if you applied for this facility you need to have activated for view and transaction for making payments and transaction.

View And Transaction

If you have activated it you cant make transactions and payment other people or you can purchase items online by using this facility.

If you have selected view only then you will not able to make online transactions From Your Bank Account.

After Select, the facility just clicks on the continue button to follow the next steps. It will send an OTP (One Time Password) On your registered mobile number.

Step-6: Enter 6 Digit OTP

By Clicking On Continue Button You Will Get OTP on your registered mobile number this is 6 Digit OTP that you need to be entered on your mobile phone.

Just enter the OTP to follow the Next Steps for Register or Activate For PNB Mobile Banking And Internet Banking Online.

If you haven’t registered your mobile number you can’t apply for it first visit the branch and link your mobile number with your bank account. After entering the OTP Just Click On the continue button then it will ask for enter Your debit card number and ATM PIN.

Step- 7: Enter Debit Card Number

Simply in this field enter your debit card number in this blank field this is 16 digits card number you have to be entered in this. You will get your card number on your debit card it's the 16 digits number.

Just Enter It manually because you can’t do copy-pasting in this I know that you’re lazy people’s like me I’m also doing copy-pasting but that’s will not work.

Step- 8 : Enter ATM PIN

In This Field, You have to enter your ATM pin for following the next if you will not enter then you can’t go on the next step if you do not have an atm pin then collect it from your nearest branch or you can generate online. You can generate your Debit Card PIN through visiting ATM.

Step-9: Create Sign In And Transaction Password

You Need To Have created 2 passwords for the final step for Activate Or Register For PNB Mobile Banking And Internet Banking Online Facility.

Create And Confirm Sign In Password

Create your sign In Password this password will use for when you’re logged in in your internet banking.

You have to make a strong password for it you have to use At least one special character numeric alphabet and combination of upper case and lower case.

After creating the sign-in Password you have to enter the same password to confirm the Password just enter the same password in confirm password.

Create And Confirm Transaction Password

You need to create a transaction password it will ask when you will make an online transaction to make payments and send money to others.

Create Strong Password for make transaction you can use special character numeric alphabet and upper case letters and lower case make all combination of this to create a Strong Password.

Also, confirm your transaction password by Entering your transaction password again in this field to continue to make the final step.

Congratulations You Have Registered Your PNB Mobile Banking And Internet Banking. Now you Can log in to your account.

Final Step: Create 4 digit MPIN

This Is The Last step that you have to be followed for register PNB Mobile Banking And internet banking.

After creating the 4 digits MPIN Use it for Login in your account after entering the 4 digit MPIN it will be automatically logged in to your mobile banking.

You Can also Log in On Your Computer Or mobile by using the Official Website Of Punjab National Bank to use net banking And enjoy.

Hope you all got what you want please visit our website again if you like our work.

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